Man Expelled From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Hot – President Morsi’s Travel Plans Not Affected !

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Speculation on the internet has pointed to an Emirati actor and poet – Omar Borkan Al Gala – as being the man thought too sexy by Saudi Arabia’s religious police.  He and two other handsome hunks were ejected from a cultural festival in Riyadh and subsequently deported for their illegal good looks earlier this month.

Omar should probably avoid attending any cultural festivals in Cairo as Egyptian police in their enthusiasm to protect vulnerable Egyptian youths might  decide to detain him for intimate questioning.

We asked a Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson about whether President Morsi was concerned in view of his own well dressed muscular Superman image.  However the official wouldn’t comment on any possible details regarding the president’s next intended visit to Saudi Arabia, but insisted that the president was not afraid of Saudi Arabia’s religious police despite widespread speculation that his cuddly bear looks might be considered too provocative.


Facebook fans can now access Omar’s page – or President Mursi’s  and compete with thousands of others in posting comments !  I wonder who will be more popular ? There’s also plenty to see on Youtube including this one –  And if you have any comments you wish to post below – please comment away –


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2 Responses to Man Expelled From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Hot – President Morsi’s Travel Plans Not Affected !

  1. Miles says:

    Alhamduillah…what a hunk! Omar should have Made In Heaven tattooed on his neck.

  2. Alex says:

    OMG! He is so sexy!!! Please, deport him to my house, my house, I promise I will take care about him. He’s a hotty guy

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