I think Egyptians have such a great sense of humour partly in order to escape the dire political and economic circumstances faced for so long and which seem to be getting worse.

However sometimes we bloggers and the mainstream media are guilty of highlighting the trivial over and above the serious news of the awful human rights abuses occurring on a daily basis.  Such as the story of the man expelled from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome that I also wrote about very briefly which amazingly attracted 69 facebook shares for this blog.  Some are now alleging that the story itself might have been somewhat exaggerated and possibly not true.  I don’t know what the truth is.   The story was fun but I do feel very guilty about running such a trivial piece.

Today one or two Middle Eastern newspapers reported the news of a Facebook blogger shot dead in the street in the Delta village of Al Qatawia for insulting President Morsi.


However it didn’t receive much coverage in media outside the Middle East which has preferred instead to focus on the death of three bears at Giza zoo –



Sad though this story is, how can three bears attract so much more attention than the terrible stories of disappearances, torture and killings ? Sometimes our sense of priorities and values are a grisly disgrace !



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