Why You Must Join the Protests Against Morsi !

The 30 June is only days away. It’s time to make our voices heard.  Time to stand together with our brothers and sisters against the injustice, lies and zealous greed of the Brotherhood.

We must take to the streets.  Staying at home only strengthens our opponents and brings nearer the inevitable Islamist witch hunt against us and other minorities.

This weekend Egypt faces a choice of two paths – one that leads towards a secular democracy with a constitution recognizing the basic human rights of all Egyptians – or one that leads towards a dictatorial Islamist state in which women, religious minorities and the gay community will be even worse off than under the repressive regime of Mubarak.

Despite my anger over what has happened to Egypt these last twelve months, I sincerely hope the protests will be passionate but peaceful. No one should think that bloodshed will help in any way.   Any violence on our part will rebound to Morsi’s advantage enabling him to depict us as anarchists.

He will use it to justify his dictatorial powers and claim that he is “protecting the revolution”.  If subsequently thousands are tortured and imprisoned in squalid conditions without a fair trial and if your neighbours or friends are among those who disappear  – don’t worry as it will be in the name of “protecting the revolution”.

So don’t waste precious paving stones (Cairo’s pavements are bad enough already) by throwing them at random underpaid CSF conscripts.  But come down to the streets peacefully, as on the last day of departure (11 February 2011) of the previous dictator.

Arm yourselves instead with flowers and bottles of water.  Roses for the soldiers and water for those that need it.  Victory, now as then, will be won only with calm but confident determination and sheer weight of numbers.


Tahrir Square transforms itself at times into a stage to inspire the world but only when the scene is sufficiently dramatic.  Protests involving a few thousands no longer draw the TV cameras. The count needs to be in hundreds of thousands if not millions and this time, with your help, it will be.

Obama and other nations may back the Brotherhood for now, but not when they see that the whole of downtown Cairo, as well as the streets and squares of every major city, have become one mass of humanity united in their opposition to Egypt’s last pharaoh.

Wael Ghonim wrote in his memoir that the Egyptian revolution is “like a wild horse that will buck anyone who tries to mount it against its’ will.”

This weekend Morsi is finally going to get thrown !


About Alisdare Hickson

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