America Again Backing The Wrong Side.

It’s being widely acknowledged that Egypt is witnessing the largest political protest ever in the history of mankind. A quarter of Egypt’s population have taken to the streets. If this was happening in Russia against Putin, Obama would fully support the protesters but instead he has continued to finance Morsi’s government by 1.4 billion a year and in these last crucial days has called merely for political dialogue.

Obama is frightened to loose Morsi because like Mubarak before him he has been cooperating with America’s regional strategic goals, allowing multinationals to exploit Egypt’s resources without any consideration for Egyptians or the longer term and at at the same time he tries desperately to meet the financially crippling demands of the IMF. If Egypt can avoid civil war and get a new president, I hope it will be one like Nasser who will say no to the US, no to the IMF and no to “mummy” Qatar !


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