Celebrating Morsi’s Fall But……………

I think many gay Egyptians will be celebrating Morsi’s fall tonight – most will agree that his presidency was a disaster for Egypt and that he only has himself to blame for his unpopularity – but starting tomorrow hopefully there will be close scrutiny of the transitional process – While it might be tempting for example to applaud the closure of Islamist TV stations, this move will drive the Muslim Brotherhood underground, infuriate what is now the Islamist opposition and eventually either enhance their popularity or drive the movement towards supporting violent struggle. Hopefully this restriction on media freedom will only be temporary and hopefully the army won’t make the same mistakes as during the last period of transition.

On the positive side Morsi’s fall gives new hope that a constitution representing all Egyptians can be created and that the revolution of 2011 can now be built on.

11.59PM And now comes news that Al Jazeera’s offices have been raided by security forces and staff arrested. Why ? This really is a surprise. Their coverage of recent events appeared to be reasonably balanced. They had at least one reporter who seemed occasionally to be sympathetic to the Brotherhood but they had others who seemed to be very enthusiastic in covering the anti-Morsi protests. I’m sure other people will find this worrying too.


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